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Jun 22, 2018 49 Years of Excellence in SPORTS Handicapping  



1. Click here to receive your password by email, enter your user ID or email when prompted.

2.You need to login with your old password first to your membership profile page:
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3. For changes to your account login to your membership profile page:
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4.If you can not open the Newsletter, you either do not have or have an old version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
To view any PDF documents you will need to download Adobe's Acrobat Reader. It is available for FREE from this link. (Download approx. 8.6 MB)

5. If you have suscribed to the Monthly Subscription package, our billing system will update you membership automatically at the end of the billing cycle. You can cancel your subscription at least 2 business days prior to the due renewal date by Logging in to your membership profile page and clicking the "Cancel". link near the bottom of the page at the payments history section:
No cancellation needed for the Full Year, 6 Months and Single Issue / 1 Day Access accounts, since they are not automatically renewed after expiration unless you specifically requested so.

6.You can save the PDF file to your computer by clicking on it with the right mouse button, then selecting "Save target As..." in Internet Explorer or "Save Link As..." in Netscape Navigator from the menu.

7.You can save the stat pages to your computer in Netscape by hitting CTRL+S on your keyboard, selecting the folder location for saving the file, then clicking the Save button. In Internet Explorer, you need to open the page in a new browser window first, by hitting CTRL+N. Then, you can proceed saving the file the same way as above.

8.If you have trouble loging in through AOL use the following procedure: Use any other browser except the version that comes with AOL. While connected to AOL, click on "Start", go to "Programs" and find either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape, click on it to open. Enter our web address: into the "Address" or "Location" window. Enter you user information, click on your membership option and it will take you to the stats. If you still have problems, contact our office TOLL FREE at 1.877.808.0878.

9. Please send an email with the description of the problem.








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