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Sep 28, 2016 47 Years of Excellence in SPORTS Handicapping  
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WINNING POINTS ISSUE #5 has been posted online with this week's picks and info for NFL, College Football and Baseball! for online members! Mail subscribers await it patiently...and should convert to online buyers! EXECUTIVE CLUB PHONE and ULTRA-SHARP WEB members are excited about the first Football 10-Star of the Season, coming this weekend!

The Winning Points phone service with an email option. Football: $100 for 7 days trial. $295 for 4 weeks. Two-sport, or half- or full season membership earns a great discount!

Online and Ultra-Sharp Web memberships
Pick of the Day for Baseball and Basketball, not in the weekly newsletter, posted every morning. Football, too, on game-days! MLB Totals picks posted every day for Ultra-Sharp Web members! 10-Star Game of the Month for Ultra-Sharp members!


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