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NEW and EXCLUSIVE! Ground-breaking product and service rolled into one ultimate handicapping package!
WP Ultra gives you 24/7 access to state-of-the-art total basketball coverage! More information and more basketball picks daily. Online reports, charts and graphs will blow your mind, and the book's bottom line. Why? Because of their powerful ability to help predict point-spread results!
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Game-Day Plus
Expanded version of our fantastic basketball coverage! More than 20 margin-only games per week from the Winning Points weekly are accompanied by written forecasts and predicted margins. No space for them in the paper, but more than enough room in cyberspace for up-to-the-minute analyses on MORE college basketball action.

Game of the Month
A total of 10 per basketball season in College and NBA. Full explanations and analyses.

Go Graphs
Revolutionary new tool beginning in December for College Basketball, through the post-season!

Go Graphs TM have posted patterns that predicted:
  • Point-spread losses for Weber State (previously 18-7 ATS) in each of their last two games of the 2002-03 post-season
  • Central Michigan +6 over Creighton, the NCAA first-round's biggest shocker in March 2003.
  • Syracuse +6 over Kansas in the 2002-03 NCAA Championship Game.
Incredible big-game accuracy, and just the tip of the iceberg in exceptional overall debut-season performance! Almost eerie! Just when you thought there was a shortage of useful new products for basketball picks, along comes the Go Graphs TM! Instructions provided to WP Ultra users.
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Making NFL picks is easier when you have instant info like this!

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ATS records for EVERY board team makes for sound college football picks.

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Situational records that set the pace for your NBA picks.

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College basketball picks need to be thoroughly researched. Do it now!
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