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Game-day steam plays!
All the sensational football content of Winning Points, the popular weekly newsletter, with EARLIER delivery via e-mail. Plus game-day football selections five days a week! Waiting for the mailman is a thing of the past. Receive all the familiar Winning Points benefits and MORE, without opening your front door!
Winning Points
The weekly Winning Points, sent to you via e-mail, or available to download from our Web site. Receive your Winning Points early, and gain an extra day or two in football handicapping for the remainder of the wagering week. No more mail. No more trips to the store!

Bonus Best Bet-Preferred Plays
Top-shelf, game-day football picks, released and explained online!
The closer we get to game time, the better we focus. Weather, injuries and personnel changes during the week are only some of the game week variables that can totally affect the outcome of a football bet on game day. Monday Night Football, Thursday and Friday College Football, College Bowls and NFL Playoffs are included after the regular seasons end. What a steal!

LATE Over/Under Plays: College Football and NFL Totals
When you put TOTALS in your wagering arsenal, your chances to win get even better! Late-breaking injuries and weather all play a part in shaping the eventual OVER/UNDER. College Totals aren't even posted until midweek! So your only chance to get real advice on Football Totals is online, right here!

NFL Point-Spread Database
Making NFL picks is easier when you have instant info like this!

College Football Point-Spread Database
ATS records for EVERY board team makes for sound college football picks.

NBA Point-Spread Database
Situational records that set the pace for your NBA picks.

College Basketball Point-Spread Database
College basketball picks need to be thoroughly researched. Do it now!
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