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NEW and EXCLUSIVE! Ground-breaking predictions rolled into one ultimate handicapping package!
WP Ultra gives you 24/7 access to state-of-the-art total football coverage! More information and more football predictions daily. Online reports, charts and graphs that will blow your mind - and the book's bottom line - with their powerful ability to predict point spread results!
All the Features of Winning Points ON-LINE Plus . . .

Revenge Report
Win football picks with it! Revenge Report football selections have a published online success rate of 60% against the spread.

Every revenge game for the week, including revenge games from prior-year, is listed for College Football and NFL. Our Top 3 Revenge Games from both College and NFL are analyzed from the perspectives of a) the revenge motive b) the past setting c) the present scenario. You will be amazed at how the past-present differences like sandwich games, injuries, and other handicapping factors can lead to a winning football pick in Revenge Games.

A total of eight per football season in College and NFL. Full explanations and analyses, whether the Game of the Month key is injuries, suspension, NFL schedule, or revenge.

Go Graphs
Only for Winning Points Ultra Sharp members! Beginning in the second-half of the NFL, through the post-season! Ground-breaking innovation in sports handicapping. Astounding pattern revelations that help predict team regression and progression ATS.
NFL Point-Spread Database
Making NFL picks is easier when you have instant info like this!

College Football Point-Spread Database
ATS records for EVERY board team makes for sound college football picks.

NBA Point-Spread Database
Situational records that set the pace for your NBA picks.

College Basketball Point-Spread Database
College basketball picks need to be thoroughly researched. Do it now!
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